Is Erotica Literary Porn?

Aneesa Price - Mama's Got A Life

If a book contains sex scenes does it make it erotica?

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To me, the answer is no.

I write romance and recently, also erotica. With my first book I purposefully kept any descriptions of sex scenes mostly suggestive, however, with my second book, the sex scenes were more explicitly described. I did not describe body parts and the acts in detail. I did, however, describe the emotions and sensations in tantalizing depth and sex was a major initiator for many events in the book.

My first novel, Finding Promise, was not labeled as erotic. It was labeled as I meant it to be – a sweet, small town contemporary romance for adults. My intention with the second book, Coffin Girls, was not to be erotic either – it was to provide a realistic description of what occurs within adult romance, which in my book (both literally and figuratively speaking) means…

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Toshio Saeki’s outer limits of sexual obsession


Toshio Saeki onikage

Artworks on erotica, violence, and perversion by Japanese artist and mangaka Toshio Saeki.

Saeki has a unique method for adding color to his work: in collaboration with a print-maker he uses overlays, to create the exact colors he wants. He calls this method chinto printing — the picture is complete only after it has been printed- a modern version of the Ukiyo-E, a genre of Japanese woodcut prints.


An original color guide by Saeki, used by the printer per his instructions in the collaborative process of creating the actual print.

His work has received warnings from the Japanese government, though it has never been officially banned. Since Saeki’s page is of at the moment, scroll down for more  (NSFW )

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