Let your tears come. Let them water your soul.

Water on face #1

I mainly draw realism with traditional media, particularly charcoal. Charcoal is absolutely amazing, and it’s definitely going to be my favourite for the rest of my life. Although in the future I think I would like to experiment with digital painting, soft pastels and basically colour in general. Colour and I are not currently friends, which I would very much like to change.

Trudy by Michael G Quain


Trudy by Michael G Quain

As you have probably guessed by now I love to paint women. This is a digital painting I made from an old grainy 1960s soft porn film I found on the internet. I waited for the girl to get into a pose I thought would make a good painting. Just here her breast looked fantastic and her face so relaxed so I froze the picture, captured the frame and worked on it. Trudy is the result. I make many erotic art works like this.
Hope you like it.

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